3 Things To Do When You Struggle To Lose Weight


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It’s frustrating.

You’ve tried everything to lose weight, and you still can’t seem to make any progress.

You might feel like you’re doing something wrong or that there’s something wrong with you.

But the truth is, sometimes weight loss can be challenging – especially if it seems like nothing works for you.

If you are anything like me, you struggle to lose weight no matter what you try and can’t keep what you have failed in the past.

You’ve taken pills, exercised, eaten every fad diet known to man, and even done the worse – starved or forced yourself to pray to the porcelain gods. I’ve read or listened to so many books on dieting that I could probably write my own, but it would be a hell of a mess.

There are millions of people all over the world who have tried everything under the sun but continue to struggle to lose weight. You may be one of them!

I’m not going to lie – it’s hard and often feels hopeless, but there is hope if you keep trying new things because every time we give up on our bodies, they stubbornly return with more knowledge about how much better off without their excess pounds than when first gained them.

3 Things to do When You Struggle to Lose weight

There are many reasons why someone struggles to lose weight. It could be due to a medical condition, an imbalanced diet, or a lack of exercise. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss.

You struggle to lose weight because you are just overeating. Overeating can sabotage your weight loss efforts even if you’re eating healthy foods.

Overeating can lead to weight gain, even if the food is healthy. To avoid overeating, try portion control or keeping a food journal so you can become more aware of your eating habits.

When it comes to eating the right foods, you must find an eating method that works for your body. Some people do well with a low-carb diet, while others find they need more carbs to lose weight.

There is no right or wrong answer; you must experiment to see what works for you.

Years ago, I tried the ketogenic diet, which worked for me for the first six months. After that, I started getting sick. I started having pains so bad that I  was either praying to the porcelain gods or blessing them with gifts from the other end. After a while, I realized that this diet was not for me long-term. So, I had to find something else.

Increase Your Protein & Lower Your Carbs

I now eat a high protein, low fat, low carb diet, and so far, it has worked well for me. I have more energy, focus more, am not as hungry, and am losing weight. This diet is not for everyone, but it is something that you can try if you struggle to lose weight.

I use the plate method, which you probably have heard of before if you’re on the bariatric journey like I am. Using the plate method, you will have 4-6oz of protein, 1-2 cups of non-starchy vegetables, 1/2 cup of starch, and extraordinarily little fat.

This has been the easiest way for me to eat because almost 1/2 of your plate consists of non-starch vegetables (asparagus, brussels sprouts, spinach, mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.); 1/4 of the plate will be your protein. The last 1/4 will consist of your starch and as little fat as possible.

Plate method; high protein, vegetables, and low starch and fat. This diet is not for everyone but it is something that you can try if you struggle to lose weight.

Often when carb cycling, you can “jumpstart” your body into burning fat again. That means you eat a low-carb diet for a few days or weeks and then eat a higher-carb day, which can help “reset” your body and help you start losing weight again.

Exercise is another crucial factor in weight loss. If you’re not exercising regularly, you’ll not see results from your diet changes. Exercise helps burn calories and increase muscle mass, which can help raise your metabolism. Try to find an exercise routine that you enjoy and stick with it so you can see the results of your challenging work.

Walking to Lose

Walking is often heralded as the perfect exercise: it’s easy, free, and everyone can do it. Walking is one of the most effective low-impact exercises and one of the quickest ways to start exercising.

Walking is a beautiful way to get some fresh air and sunshine and can even be therapeutic. So put on your shoes and go for a walk – don’t expect to see massive results on the scale.

A one-hour walk burns between 210 and 360 calories for most people. You will cover about 3 miles in a one-hour walk at a casual pace. Doing a one-hour walk five days a week can burn up to 1,800 calories depending on your pace. If your diet remains the same, this increased exercise could lead to ⅓ to ½ a pound of fat loss a week.

If you struggle to lose weight., walking, hiking, and running can be great exercises to help get you started.
If you struggle to lose weight, walking, hiking, and running can be great exercises to help get you started. These boots are so comfortable. I bought them a few months ago to get out in nature and start hiking. I’ve broken them in, and wow, the comfort is fantastic.
You can buy them on Amazon.

If you do not like to walk around the neighborhood but want to get out more and enjoy yourself, you may want to consider hiking, especially if you can find an “off pavement” hiking path with a bit more elevation. It will help increase your heart rate, which will help you burn more calories.

Running to Lose

Running can be a great option if you are still in the “struggle to lose weight” phase and want to change things up a bit. Running is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up, and it’s also a high-impact activity that can help you lose weight.

The number of calories you burn while running depends on your weight, pace, and distance. A 250-pound person will burn about 250 calories per mile when running at a 20-minute-per-mile speed. If you ran for 30 minutes, you would burn roughly 360 calories. Figure out how much you can burn, and check out this nifty calorie-burning calculator I found.

To see results, you must be consistent with your exercise routine. This means doing some form of exercise every day or at least five days a week. Running three days a week will not give you the same results as running five days a week. The more consistent you are, the more weight you can lose based on your burn calories.

If you are still in the " struggle to lose weight." phase and you want to change things up a bit, running can be a great option.

Losing weight can be a difficult and frustrating process, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. If you’re having trouble losing weight, talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian to get started on a healthier lifestyle.

If you do not see results from your weight loss efforts, you must consult with a doctor or registered dietitian to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Conditions like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can make weight loss difficult. If you have one of these conditions, working with a healthcare professional can help you manage it and lose weight.

Remember to be patient and focus on your long-term goals. Short-term weight loss is not as significant as maintaining your health eventually.

So don’t give up – even if it seems like nothing is working, there is always hope for success. Just keep trying; eventually, you will find what works for you.

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